The Children of Questaris, Or The Gods of light

Born from fragments of the Elder god Questaris, some call them the Gods of Light, for they are the guardians of peace and all that is good in the world. Each has taken an aspect of the world that appeals to them to govern and watch over. Mankind, Halflings, and Gnomes, make up the majority of their worshipers. Though there are still some among the Elven and Dwarven nations that still recognize them as their gods. The Gods of Light have recently welcomed Magnun into their hallowed ranks. Many men of magic are thankful that they now have a god of light that truly understands them.

Paladina – Goddess Of Truth & Divine Justice

Paladina is goddess of Paladins. She is a stern mistress tempered with kindness, like a mother that punishs a wayward child but is quick to praise their good deeds. She feels that her siblings spoil their followers by not guiding them with a more firm hand. She envies Bellia for the vast devotion that is shown to her by her followers, as well as her beauty and grace. She is unsure of the decision that she and her family have made to allow Magnun to join them. She has not forgotten what he tried to do when he was the mortal Wizard Magnus, and feels that they should have punished him in some way.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and some Gnomes Classes – Paladins mostly, but many others have adherants to her as well Other – Many Lawmen, Lawyers, and Judges worship her as well
  • Alignment – Lawful Good
  • Domains – Good, Law, Protection, & War
  • Favored Weapon – Longsword

Hestis – God Of Strength, Courage, & Athletics

Hestis is the most commonly worshiped god by good men of arms across the world. Though his sister Paladina is also has worshipers among common soldiers. Over the centuries he has developed a friendly rivialry with the goddess Vestila, with whom he shares many things in common. Though he is concerned with her patronage of the Empire of Athenmir and it’s practice of slavery. He is tring to make her see reason on this issue, but has of yet to make her understand. Hestis was the first of the family to accept Magnun into the fold, and is worried about Paladina’s constant mistrust of him.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and good aligned Half-Orcs Classes – Fighters, and Barbarians, mostly but many Rangers, and Bards do as well Other – Athletes from all walks of life worship Hestis
  • Alignment – Chaotic Good
  • Domains – Chaos, Good, Strength, and War
  • Favored Weapon – Bastardsword

Permis – God Of the Seas, Lakes, Rivers, & Rain

Permis cares little for anything but the sea, and those that live and work in it. He is disappointed that mankind could not stay on the island empire that he help create for them. For the last two thousand years he has slowly been reclaiming the land of Zandora, which is now nothing more then a chain of large islands in the Sea of Lost Hope. He watched as many of the Elves sailed east to their new island kingdom in the east, a thing that has troubled him. He is sure that they were being guided their by a dark hand, and fears that Amon may have returned. So far he hasn’t told the other family members of this, but has seen to it that ships from the Kingdom of Corsaris are scouting out the new Elven Kingdom.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Humans And Elves Classes – Rangers and Druids, Few others worship Permis Other – Sailors, and Farmers, have a vested interest in Permis for their trades and livelihood
  • Alignment – Neutral Good
  • Domains – Air, Good, Healing, and Water
  • Favored Weapon – The Trident, Though most farmers substitute a pitch fork instead

Grenin – God Of the Fields & Woods

Grenin like his brother Permis takes little interest to things that are not of the wood and wild. Grenin has found that he and Permis share the same concern over so many Elves migrating. Though those Elves that worship him have not joined the others in sailing across the seas, he feels that some dark hand may be involved in this. With that in mind he has sent many of his followers along with those that are leaving. What he will do once he discovers the truth, he has not decided. At the moment Grenin is only mildly concerned with the pollution problems in Volisthiem, but is watching the situation closely.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Huamns, Elves, and some good aligned Half-Orcs Classes – Druids and Rangers mostly, but some Barbarians as well Other – Farmers and hunters share an interest in Grenin for game and crops
  • Alignment – Chaotic Good
  • Domains – Earth , Good, Healing, and Plant
  • Favored Weapon – Sickle, Scythe, Longbow, Or Shortbow

Bellia – Goddess Of Love, Beauty, & Faithfulness

Bellia is possible the most well loved of all the Children of Questaris, and as such has great status among them. Tension is on the rise between she and Paladina, though Bellia tries to ease hers sisters anger. In the kingdom of Athenmir there is a struggle between Bellia, Vanda, and Helima. Though Athenmir is not a supporter of the Gods of Light, Bellia is counted among their chief gods. A strong current of free love has began to sweep the land and these three are each trying to claim dominace over it’s future and it’s focus. Many clerics of the Empire have bugun to refer to the struggle as the Hearts War. Meanwhile she is begining to lose many followers to Magnun, this is only a small concern to her with the trouble of Athenmir being the greatest concern.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Humans, Elves, Halflings, some Dwarves, and a few Gnomes Classes – Bards and Sorcerers Other – Many actors, wives and husbands worship Bellia openly. Though it is known that most of the population worships and/or gives donations to her on a regular basis, and do so privately.
  • Alignment – Neutral Good
  • Domains – Fire, Good, Luck, and Sun
  • Favored Weapon – Light or Heavy Mace, though she encourages her followers not to use weapons at all

Lothina – Goddess Of the Air & Sky

Lothina is the guardian of travelers in both the world and the planes. She works closely with Permis for the benefit of farmers. Currently she is concerned with the pollution coming from the kingdom of Volisthiem. She knows that the Dwarves and Gnomes have created vast forges in the mountians, but only recently have they become a problem. She is unsure how to deal with the problem, and is discussing it with Grenin. She has become aware that someone is pressing the two kingdoms on Middenfelia towards war, and this may be the reason why the polution from Volistheim is getting worse.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Humans, Elves, Gnomes, and some good aligned Half-Orcs Classes – Barbarians, Rangers, Druids and Bards Other – Many Farmers, Sailors, Hunters, traveling merchants, and others worship her for one reason or another,
  • Alignment – Chaotic Good
  • Domains – Air, Good, Sun, and Travel
  • Favored Weapon – Javelin, Longbow, Or Shortbow

Magnun – God Of Wisdom & Knowledge

Magnun, though the newest of the Gods of light, has gained power very quickly. He is haunted by the misdeeds of his former life, and has taken steps to make amends for them. Through his ties to the Mages Guild, which all support small chappels to him, he has started his work. At the moment he is begining to ferret out members of the guild that belong to the Circle of Nine. This has brought him into direct conflict with Vorthrax. Many clerics of the Church of Light believe it is only a matter of time before the church declares open war on the circle.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Humans, though some Elves are now begining to worship him. Classes – Wizards and Sorcerers Other – Many judges and lawers have converted to the worship of Magnun
  • Alignment – Lawful Good
  • Domains – Good, Knowledge, Law, and Magic
  • Favored Weapon – Staff or Dagger

The Void Lords, Or Gods of the Abyss

Created by an elder god only known as The Void, the Void Lords create havoc and destruction through out the world. In recent times they have invited Amon to join their ranks. Amon has changed his name to Belzar to finially break away with who he was. This alliance is only one of nescessity for both parties. With the joining of Belzar, the underworld of Questaris is almost completely in the control of the Void Lords. But not all is well, since the defeat of The Void the Abyssal lords have struggled as much with eachother as they have with the Children of Questaris. For many centuries now Volmar has had control over the Void Lords through terror, force, and help from his mistress Helima. But the balance of may be changing and Volmar’s position may not last much longer.

Helima – Godess Of Perversion & Lust

Helima is the goddess of lust and perversion, and one of the most beautiful goddesses. In her view nothing is forbidden, and she activly engages in such activities herself with god and mortal alike. Though few mortals live to tell the tell, and those that do seldom retain their sanity. Most whores don’t worship Helima, but enough do for it to be a known problem, usually adulterers and perverts of all walks worship her. Helima has long been the greatest rival of both Bellia, and Vanda. Never more so then now. In the Athenmir Empire a secret war is raging for the hearts and minds of the people. Many disturbing sexual trends are emerging among the nobels of the empire, and Helima is at the center of these. Though many view these activities as not harmful, one being orgies, there has been an increase in sexual crimes ending in fatalities. Bellia and Vanda are both disturbed by this but can find no way as of yet to curb these dark desires. Helima is facinated by Belzar, and with his rapidly growing power. She is concidering the possiblity of offering him an alliance… Volmar will not be pleased to learn of this.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Humans and a very few Elves and Halflings Classes – Bards and Sorcerers mostly, but some from others Others – ANY
  • Alignment – Chaotic Evil
  • Domains – Chaos, Destruction, Evil, and Fire
  • Favored Weapon – Whip

Volmar – God Of Pain & Suffering

Volmar is the oldest of the Void Lords, and delights in the pain of others. Especially other gods. Volmar is worshiped by many who wish pain suffering on someone for one reason or another. With the support of his mistress Helima he has held sway over his family for many centuries. But with the addition of Belzar to his family, he is slowly losing his authority and influence among the others. To counter this he is atempting to gain influence over the drow. So far this is stratagy is not going as well as he hoped. He has noticed Helima’s intrest in Belzar, but is not aware as of yet that she is concidering betraying him to Belzar. He supects that there may be something between the two though. With that in mind he has been fostering a relationship with Jenda.

  • Worshiped by - Races – ANY Classes – ANY Others – ANY
  • Alignment – Chaotic Evil
  • Domains – Chaos, Destruction, Earth, and Evil
  • Favored Weapon – Morningstar

Gelina – Goddess Of Hate & Anger

Gelina very unstable, and so are her worshipers. Her priests don’t usually live to long, and her worshipers usually don’t stay very long in the emotional set that she desires. Sometimes she is the most powerfull of the Void Lords and some times she is the weakest. With the threat of war looming in Middenfel again, Gelina is pressing her servents there into a frenzy of action. A number of recent skirmishes along the border between Middenfel and Volistheim have been due to her infulence. The hate between the peoples of these two lands is growing, and with it she is gaining more followers by the day.

  • Worshiped by - Races – ANY Classes – ANY, But mostly Fighters Others – ANY
  • Alignment – Chaotic Evil

Melpha – Goddess Of Murder & Death*

Melpha has entered into an alliance with her sister Gelina. Together they have been supporting the comming war between the two kingdoms on the Middenfelia continent. While Gelina has sponsered many skirmishes between the two kingdoms along their border, Melpha has been sending her assassins to kill those that could stop the war before it begins. This has caused some of her followers to come in direct conflict with the worshipers of Ornim, Paladina, and Rangol. Though she is confident that they don’t know of her direct involvement, she has place contracts on the lives of many of the followers that know for sure. It is better to remain hidden at this time in her opinion, until it is to late for anyone to stop the war. She has recently noticed Volmars intrest in Jenda, but is unsure how she can use it to her advantage.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Humans, Elves, and Halflings Classes – Almost always Rogues, but also a Few Fighters Other – Anyone who makes a living as an assassin
  • Alignment – Chaotic Evil
  • Domains – Death, Destruction, Evil, and Trickery
  • Favored Weapon – Dagger

Hephet – God Of Corruption & Lies

Hephet’s greatest accomplshment was the breaking of the Kingdom of Anstoria. A plot that involved so many players and played out perfectly. But since the downfall of Anstoria he has had little to do. Recently he has been aiding Helima with the corruption of the noblity of Athenmir, which has given him some enjoyment. He has noticed Belzar and Helima speaking quite often when they believe no one is looking and has begun to plot ways to give himself an advantage among his siblings.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Humans and Halflings Classes – Rogues and Bards Other – Many corrupt politicians and lawmen follow Hephet
  • Alignment – Lawful Evil
  • Domains – Air, Evil, Knowledge, and Trickery
  • Favored Weapon – Light or Heavy Mace

Jenda – Goddess Of Jealousy & Envy

Jenda has always been jealous of the relationship Helima had with Volmar. But now he seems interested in her and she could care less, she is more interested in the power of Belzar. Jenda is supporting the Orc iniative in the Keldon Jungle agianst the lizard folk. The Orcs are a greedy people and have long believed that the Lizardfold have great treasures hidden among their jungle cities and lairs. Nordland has been trading freely with the Anstoria Protectorate for many years and the 2 have grown rich from the exchange. the trade is done mostly by sea, and thus this has kept the Ephirim Conclave from sharing in the spoils. Jenda is fostering the feelings of the Ephirim Nobility, and has used her followers in the region to act as Nord’s and raid Ephirim. She hopes that the greed of Ephirim will grow, and that war will come soon there.

  • Worshiped by - Race – ANY Class – ANY, but mostly Fighters and Wizards Other – Many different people worship Jenda for different reasons.
  • Alignment – Neutral Evil
  • Domains – Evil, Knowledge, Luck, Magic
  • Favored Weapon – Crossbow

Belzar – God Of Destruction & Chaos

Belzar lives to see the end of Humanity. To him they are a plague put on the world that should be eliminated no matter the cost. He has always favored the Elves in all things. To this end he has influenced the the vast majority of Elves to travel away from the known world, but to what end only he knows. He has joined the Void Lords in order to gain access to their influence throughout the world. Helima has been trying to gain his trust as of late, and he has allowed this. He knows what kind of power she wields with the Void Lords, and he has his own plans on how to use this power.

  • Worshiped by - Races – ELVES ONLY, Mostly it is the drow who worship him as Amon The Black Classes – ANY Other – Any Elf that hates all the other races
  • Alignment – Chaotic Evil
  • Domains – Chaos, Death, Destruction, and War
  • Favored Weapon – Longsword Or Longbow

The New Order, Or The Neutral Gods

The New Order Gods are more a loose orginization of gods then a true pantheon. They were created by the dreams and desires of humanity, and are very centered on the ideas that formed them. Currently the New Order is experiencing great power throughout the world. At the moment two of them are agruably the most powerful of all the gods. Vestila has gained great power for her patronage of the Empire of Athenmir. With war looming between Volistheim and Middenfel her power could grow even more great. Vanda has gained great power from across the world. Athenmir and Nordland are both experiencing strong Chivilrous movements among their young. This is leading to strong romantic codes that are quickly becoming the norm in those kingdoms.

Ornim – God Of The Shadows

Ornim is the most widely worshiped god by rogues. It is common for rogue guilds to build a shrine to him where ever they meet. It should be noted that he has gained great joy at knowing that he has priests. Some even run scams on other local temples pretending to be priests of whomever the temple is for. Ornim is concerned with the state of things in Middenfelia, and has discovered that there is a plot to drive the two kingdoms into a war. A number of guilds that worship him have been effected by this, and he is concerned they will become implicated in fueling the coming war. He is trying to uncover who is behind this and why.

  • Worshiped by - Races – ANY Classes – Rogues and Bards Other – Not many know of this Gods existance which is just the way he likes it
  • Alignment – True Neutral
  • Domains – Air, Luck, Travel, and Chaos
  • Favored Weapon – Kukri

Vestila – Goddess of War

Vestila has a very definded sense of honor. One aspect of this is her opinion on slaves. Though she believes that the loser of a conflict have no rights, she also believes that children should be defended above all else. This is has lead the Empire of Athenmir to make strict laws agianst the slavery of children. She his pleased that her followers in the Kingdom of Middenfel will soon be at war. She has instructed her priest’s in Athenmir to influence the nobility of the Empire to support the coming war in Middenfelia how ever they can.

  • Worshiped by - Races – ANY Classes – Fighters and many Barbarians Other – Vestila is the patron of many Mercenaries and warriors around the world of Questaris
  • Alignment – True Neutral
  • Domains – Earth, Fire, Strength, and War
  • Favored Weapon – Battleaxe

Rangol – God Of The Law

Rangol cares more for order to all things then for the suffering of others. He is disturbed by the lack of order that he is seeing in the world. Wars do not fit the order of the day in his mind, and thus he is at odds with Vestila. In his view borders should remain firm. He has set a number of his inquistors to investigate the recent problems in Middenfelia. He is in hopes that he can bring to justice anyone that would disturb the peace. Ephirim is setting the stage for all out war with it’s neighbor Nordland over their preceived trade dispute. He has, through his clergy, sent a number of negotiators to try and solve this problem.

  • Worshiped by - Races – ANY Classes – ANY Other – Most Judges and Lawmen worship Rangol for to him the law is the law for good or ill
  • Alignment – Lawful Neutral
  • Domains – Earth, Knowledge, Law, Protection
  • Favored Weapon – Warhammer

Vanda – Goddess Of Passion and Amor

Vanda is possibly the strongest of the gods at the moment. Her worshipers are counted among all peoples and nations, save the monsterous races and the denizens of the underworld. At the center of all her concerns is the Empire of Athenmir. They have perverted her wishes for them. Though some of the young are taking up the ideals of chivalry, the vast majority have taken to less then honorable practices. She is very concerned with the number of sexual crimes that are taking place within the Empire at the moment, but can do little to curb this trend. She has concidered approaching Bellia on the matter, but they differ greatly on many things.

  • Worshiped by - Races – ANY Classes – ANY Other – Most Prostitutes worship Vanda, but so do many other people, Especially young women
  • Alignment – True Neutral (for love knows no boundery)
  • Domains – Fire, Healing, Sun, and Trickery
  • Favored Weapon – Light or Heavy Lance, Or Longsword

Cindillian – Goddess Of The Hearth & Home

Though Cindillian is among the most powerful of the gods, she cares little for anything that doesn’t concern familes directly. The coming conflicts in the Anstorica, and Middenfelia, Continents are of great concern. Women and children die in wars where men hate one another, and this does not sit well with her. She has joined Rangol in the search for who is behind the building war in Middenfelia, but her preists and followers are not warriors. She fells that she can do little there. She is more certian that she can influence the brewing war between Nordland and Ephirim. In Nordland women own all properties, and hold great power in the halls of the land. She believes that her preist’s influence there can greatly change the tides of war. to a lesser degree she is bothered by the free practice that Vanda has supported in the Empire of Athenmir, as she believes it is destroying the families of that great Empire.

  • Worshiped by - Race – ANY Classes – ANY, but bards usually stray away from Cindillian Other – Mostly those who are married, or have Children. And even then mostly women
  • Alignment – Lawful Neutral
  • Domains – Air, Healing, Law, And Protection
  • Favored Weapon – Light or Heavy Mace

The Sky Kin, Or The Risen Fathers & Mothers

The Skykin are not truely a pantheon at all. They are individuals that are only concerned with their peoples. Elothlinta still to this day searchs for a way to lift the curse off of her people. Glanir is worried about the changes taking place beneath the surface of the world. Deep in the underworld, the deep races have begun to cooperate more then they ever have before. Glanir worries that his people may soon face a war they cannot win. Hubbel is worried about the the effects of a war on his people in Volistheim, but he will not tell them to leave their home to avoid it. Omilia’s people are spread throughout the world. So far she is not very concerned by anything in the world. Her people are well liked, and if things get to out of hand she has faith that they can just disappear without trace. Gorlib’s, and Grannok’s, peoples work tirelessly to create havoc across the world. Ssarasin is busy trying to keep hold of his peoples lands.

Elothlinta Linia’Talsona (Elothlinta Stardreamer) – Cheif Goddess Of The Elven Nations (Back to top)

Elothlinta is greatly concerned by the leaving of so many elves from the known world. She does not know where they have gone, and has sent many of her followers to try and find them. She has known for many years the influence that Amon, now Belzar, has had among her people. In the last two centuries she has lost so much control of her people to him, that she fears the worst for them. Dispite her efforts to get the curse layed agianst them, by the Gods of Light, removed she has little to show for it. She was once close to Grennin, whom she worshiped as a mortal, but that relationship has become very antagonistic. So much so that she is unaware that he is searching for her people as well.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Elves Classes – ANY Other – Most Elves worship Elothlinta
  • Alignment – Chaotic Good
  • Domains – Animal, Chaos, Good, and Plant
  • Favored Weapon – The same as all Elves

Glanir Thundercleaver – Cheif God Of The Dwarven Nations

Glanir, with the help of Rangol, has managed to have the Gods of Lights curse on the Dwarven people lifted. Even though he and Elothlinta do not agree the majority of the time, he has attempted to barter for the release of the Elves from their curse as well. So far they have denied the request. Watched the attempt of Magnus to destroy the Gods of Light, and has learned of the Heart’s existance. He is convinced that the jewel fragment that Elothlinta gave him so long ago was part of it. He is searching for it , and hopes that it holds the key to the freedom of the Elven peoples from their curse. Some would find his concern for the Elves strange, but Glannir remembers their sacrifices during the Age of Disfavor along side his people.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Dwarves Classes – ANY Other – Most Dwarves, unless living among humans, worship Glanir, and have since the Time of Disfavor
  • Alignment – Lawful Good
  • Domains – Earth, Good, Law, War
  • Favored Weapon – Dwarven Waraxe

Omilia Brandywind – Cheif Goddess Of The Halflings

Unlike the Elves and Dwarves the Halflings did not suffer from the disfavor of the Gods of Light, and they already had a Heroin who had ascended to Godhood. Since that time Omilia has lead her people to a peaceful existance. She knows that they can take care of themselves, but she views all the halflings as her children. It is shocking to her that the Halflings in Middenfelia are not leaving before. They are instead prepareing to fight along side their allies in Volistheim, and Middenfel. For the first time she fears she will see Halfling killing Halfling. For this reason she is trying to do what she can to prevent the war.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Halflings Classes – ANY Other – Like Glannir most halflings worship Omilia unless they live in urban areas.
  • Alignment – True Neutral
  • Domains – Luck, Magic, Protection, and Trickery
  • Favored Weapon – Dagger

Hubbel Wheelsmith – Chief Designer Of The Gnomes

Like the Halflings, Gnomes did not suffer disfavor by The Gods of Light. But according to very detailed and accurate logs, Hubbel ascended to Godhood quite by accident. Since then he has worked hard to protect his people from many dangers. Both dangers they create and those that others create agianst them. With the looming war in Middenfelia he has turned his eye there to discover a way to prevent a new danger to his people.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Gnomes Classes – ANY Other – Unless living with humans all gnomes worship Hubbel.
  • Alignment – Neutral Good
  • Domains – Air, Good, Knowledge, Travel
  • Favored Weapon – Gnome Hook Hammer

Grannok – Great Orc Warchief In Sky

It is believed that the orc god was created by the Void and His Children. If this is true he is older then many of the other gods. His children fill the empty spaces of the world, or the places that can not be defended easily. Now though he has set his servents agianst the servents of Ssarasin in the Keldon Jungle. So far they have conquered much of the northern part of the region. He is greatly pleased by this. Though he is forced sometimes to do the will of the Void Lords, most of the time he is left to do what he wishes. In the western reaches of Sarinholm his people are fighting agianst the Hobgolin hordes of Gorlib for domination of the area.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Orcs, Ogres and evil aligned Half-Orcs Classes – ANY Other – None other then those mentioned above worship him by choice. Slaves, and dominated goblins sometimes do, if they live that long.
  • Alignment – Neutral Evil
  • Domains – Animal, Earth, Evil, War
  • Favored Weapon – Orc Double Axe

Gorlib – Mighty Hobgoblin Skychief

Gorlib is believed to have been created by Volmar soon after the defeat of The Void by Questaris. Grannok and Gorlib have never seen eye to eye. As such it is rare to see goblins and Orcs working together. Only the direct influence of the Void Lords, or someother powerful being, can break this constant struggle for long. Currently Gorlib is directing his people to take control of the western reaches of the Sarinholm plains. This has brewed a new war with the Orcish tribes that inhabit the region.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Hobgoblins and Goblins Classes – ANY Other – None other then goblinoids worship him.
  • Alignment – Neutral Evil
  • Domains – Animal, Earth, Luck, and Trickery
  • Favored Weapon – Shortsword or Longsword

Ssarasin – The God of Lizardmen

Ssarisin is believed to have been created by Helima during the war with Questaris. He is one of the oldest gods, and is of surprising power. Among the other Skykin his name is sometimes spoken with dread. At the moment though his power seems to be greatly waining. Grannoks people are challanging the Lizardfolk of Keldon for domination of the region. Up to this point his people have lost many of their northern holdings, and it looks as if this war will continue for many years.

  • Worshiped by - Races – All Lizard Peoples Classes – ANY Other – Ssarasin is believed to be an Evil dragon that may or may not be a true god. no one knows for sure
  • Alignment – Neutral Evil
  • Domains – Animal, Evil, Plant, and Water
  • Favored Weapon – Shortspear

The Outcast, Or Master Of The Circle

The Circle of Nine is possibly the greatest evil on the face of Questaris. They are lead by Vortharx, a god that was once a mortal who cast off the trapings of the living to become a Lich. Over a thousand years ago he was defeated by the servent of Paladina, Anstoria. Since that time his followers have hid in the dark places of the world awaiting the return of their master. It was through their constant ancester worship of him that he achieved godhood, and this has made him a greater threat then he once was. The Circle of Nine has spread throughout the world and were responsible for the breaking of the Middenfel Empire. Their dread power corrupts the Mages Guild of Questaris, and infects the many kingdoms of the world.

Vorthrax – God of the Dead, Devourer of Life

Vorthrax was once mortal much like Magnun. Since his death he has sought a way to return to the world to exact his revenge on the living. He cares nothing for the innocent, or the weak. If he succeeds in his dread desire the world many not survive. Since the ascension of Magnun, Vorthrax has lost much of his power among the Mages Guild. The two are in a desperite struggle for control over this powerful orginzation, and it may well determine the fate of the world.

  • Worshiped by - Races – Humans and the Undead Classes – Any Other – There are only two ways to be brought to this gods religion. One must be a necromancer of surpassing strength, or you must be born into it.
  • Alignment – Lawful Evil
  • Domains – Death, Evil, Knowledge, and Magic
  • Favored Weapon – Sickle Or Scythe


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